Keen YouTube strategists will tell you that it’s one of the biggest audio platforms in the world. And that many people who watch your YouTube videos, especially the longer ones, are just going to have the audio on in the background.

The dirty little secret of advertisers, content strategists, and digital creators all over the world.

People don’t prefer video. They don’t prefer audio. They don’t prefer text. They default to the format they believe is best for them at that moment.

A video might be some of the most engaging content out there. But, it takes 100% of your attention if you want to get everything from it.

Text is the oldest of the three to be recorded. It is the slowest to transfer information, but also the most precise. In order to achieve a similar level of precision with video. You’re going to need both the audio and the visual.

Audio is our middle ground. And quite frankly, it is the greatest opportunity in content at this moment.

So when you plan your video content, you should first design it as audio.

After planning great audio content. Record it with video.

The visuals will help you attract a wider audience. Taking the time to craft the audio without them, we’ll leave you with better content.

After your done recording your amazing audio visual content.

Transcribe it. Post the text.

That’s exactly what I’m doing here.

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