Simple Systems For Audience Growth

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Finding Your Superfans, Evangelists, and Partners
1. Superfans are in your community. You’d trust them to moderate. You didn’t know them before.
2. Evangelists talk about how great you are to others
3. Partners create content, products, and audiences with you

Connecting With Them
1. Add a spotlight to highlight anyone in Daily Grinds
2. Go for co-created content, featured episodes, and deeper dives with Evangelists and Partners for growth

You Have A Niche
1. You are unique & interesting
2. Finding a new niche (passion, background, roadmap)
1. What do you love to learn and do?
2. What are you already considered an expert in? (10+ years experience or able to give a 4 hour workshop and keynote on it)

Daily Global Grind
1. Repurpose Topics and concepts from A1 into bite size pieces
2. Refine in public, perfect for private

Your Core Audience Channel
1. Most often a Newsletter or Podcast
1. Resources permitting, it should be both
2. Subscribers are worth gold
1. They can be in multiple places
3. They’ve opted in beyond social media

Point of Dedication (or Monetization)
1. It doesn’t have to be money, dedication is the key
2. These people do what you ask of them as often as not.
3. You have multiple lines of direct communication with them
4. They probably can message you directly

Take Care of Your Community
1. The dedicated, these people are the ones you create your most specific and deepest content for. It may be shared broadly, but these are your real tribe.

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