Rethinking Inbound

Call for Content got accepted in the Drift Startup Program this past week. As a result, I’ve been forced to reevaluate my entire marketing strategy.

You see, Drift allows me and my team to interact with customers in real-time. It’ll let us know that someone has visited 5 times and signed up for our email list. We can ask them how we can help right then and there — perhaps an invite to my office hours.

That means we don’t need landing pages, forms, or anything like them. We just talk with our customers and prospects. That’s a big shift from a traditional content marketing strategy, but not as far from the relationship-building account based marketing I employ. In fact, it makes everything much easier to align.

I now have a single overarching goal:

Drive as much targeted traffic as possible

That’s it. Then we:

Get to know the people who visit our site

Eventually, some of them will buy from us because we’re a good fit and they love us.

So, what does Drift really mean to me and my business?

  • More videos and podcasts (to keep them on site longer)
  • In depth articles from our work and research
  • Little to no “bottom of the funnel” content
  • More $$$ in ads and PR for direct traffic
  • We’ll be moving to a single page website with a blog
  • Sales is now the next hire — need somone on that chat when I can’t be

I’ll keep you updated as the changes unfold — Hopefully with some hard #s soon.



Owner @ — A boutique authority and content marketing firm. This is my personal blog about stuff and things I like to think about.

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