I Don’t Work

Michael Greenberg
3 min readMar 4, 2018


I have a lot of hobbys. Some of them are businesses, most are business-related. All of them help me become better.

My real work isn’t when I’m handling Call For Content stuff. That’s ~8-10hrs/week. It’s mainly emails (which I abhor), speaking with clients (which I love!), and making outlines/reviewing transcripts (which I am almost ready to train someone to do). Right now I’ve got to do some sales and marketing stuff. I’m still a few months out from only working on the stategic level.

That’s the goal.

For me, the big stuff is the real fun. The true reward too. Building partnerships and networks of like minded people. Developing a real community and realizing the value for all involved. . That’s what any good organization (or person) should seek to do. “All involved” includes the entire community: local, regional, national, or global. Ideally, the organization should be able to grow to reach each one. “Better every day” is my personal motto. The surest path to which being to improve the people and world around you. After you’ve spent a bit of time on yourself, of course.

Know when to stop.

Completion for Call For Content is finite. I know how large a business I want it to be. 8–10 hours is just that. It’s my exercise in systems building. The development of a strategy and process for a small group that just works. I learned about content and digital marketing just to build this company. Secretly, it’s my version of a masterclass in strategy and operations for the modern company. It’s built as team of experts — each one a freelancer at their core. They’re wherever they want to be: Mexico, The US, England, or Ukraine. It doesn’t matter. The rhythm is weekly, slow but always building. I chose B2B services because the margins are solid and the numbers are large. I chose recurring because it is easier to systemetize. Content marketing because it was highly adaptable. Executive coaches and consultants because I’ve been in their shoes and they think like business owners. They also don’t need that many leads, so I can build a highly targeted process. Niche, but high efficacy.

It’s not designed to get huge, just big enough to be a good base. It’s a hobby business. Somewhere to try out all the new ideas I might not get to try out otherwise. Like podcasting, or targeting LinkedIn Micro-Audiences (article coming soon), or even reading business books. These are the hobbies that take up my time.

I’m looking for my next step.

And I’m not quite sure what that is. It might be joining a team as an employee or cofounder. It might mean buying a business. It might mean an apprenticeship with a master entrepreneur. I know my ultimate goal, but I far enough from it yet that the path is not clear to it.

Uncertainty is certain.

If I do not know what the next phase of my journey appears to be, I will instead look forward with untarnished eyes and pursue the most appealing opportunities in each option. I have my base, so I can be patient. In the meantime I will fill my day with more hobbies. I’ll keep trying my best to amke them educational.



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