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Finding Your Superfans, Evangelists, and Partners
1. Superfans are in your community. You’d trust them to moderate. You didn’t know them before.
2. Evangelists talk about how great you are to others
3. Partners create content, products, and audiences with you

Connecting With Them
1. Add a spotlight to highlight anyone in Daily Grinds
2. Go for co-created content, featured episodes, and deeper dives with Evangelists and Partners for growth

You Have A Niche
1. You are unique & interesting
2. Finding a new niche (passion, background, roadmap)
1. What do you love to learn and do?

Keen YouTube strategists will tell you that it’s one of the biggest audio platforms in the world. And that many people who watch your YouTube videos, especially the longer ones, are just going to have the audio on in the background.

The dirty little secret of advertisers, content strategists, and digital creators all over the world.

People don’t prefer video. They don’t prefer audio. They don’t prefer text. They default to the format they believe is best for them at that moment.

A video might be some of the most engaging content out there. …

“A person drafting a marketing campaign plan in a notebook on their lap” by on Unsplash

Call for Content got accepted in the Drift Startup Program this past week. As a result, I’ve been forced to reevaluate my entire marketing strategy.

You see, Drift allows me and my team to interact with customers in real-time. It’ll let us know that someone has visited 5 times and signed up for our email list. We can ask them how we can help right then and there — perhaps an invite to my office hours.

That means we don’t need landing pages, forms, or anything like them. We just talk with our customers and prospects. That’s a big shift…

I’ve had an idea for a re-designed university bouncing around my head of years. This is the latest iteration. Critical feedback is not only welcome, but encouraged.

To me, the university has three primary functions:

  1. To ease communication in groups of people interested in similar subjects.
  2. To match students with mentors.
  3. To verify the completion of a course of learning.

What we consider to be “top-schools” include a fourth function:

4. To act as gate to the establishment of tight knit, but powerful, communities.

The fourth function is the goal of any exclusive and private organization, so I will not…

I have a lot of hobbys. Some of them are businesses, most are business-related. All of them help me become better.

My real work isn’t when I’m handling Call For Content stuff. That’s ~8-10hrs/week. It’s mainly emails (which I abhor), speaking with clients (which I love!), and making outlines/reviewing transcripts (which I am almost ready to train someone to do). Right now I’ve got to do some sales and marketing stuff. I’m still a few months out from only working on the stategic level.

That’s the goal.

For me, the big stuff is the real fun. The true reward too. Building partnerships and…

Dewey lays out his theory of aesthetics and its core belief that art is experienced and derived from the mundane with simple clarity in the opening paragraphs of “The Live Creature.” He believes that when art is declared as fine art by critics, it cuts the work from the twin tethers of context. First, by divorcing the work from the individualized experiences and emotions of its creator. Second, by placing it as a unique item of extraordinary value and thusly removing it from the natural flows of the world. In doing so, the work is irrevocably damaged and loses its…

“Tranquility can’t be grasped except by those who have reached an unwavering and firm power of judgement — the rest constantly fall and rise in their decisions, wavering in a state of alternately rejecting and accepting things. What is the cause of this back and forth? It’s because nothing is clear and they rely on the most uncertain guide — common opinion.” — Seneca, Moral Letters

At the beginning of the year, and whenever I feel myself waver throughout it, I recommit to my decisions and review if new information should cause them to change.

In Work

  • I commit to building Call…

If you don’t know what your first step is in building your business, you’re not ready for capital. If you can’t get a prototype or at least some mockups and good description of your product together, you’re not ready for capital. If you can’t find anyone who would buy your product right now if it existed, you’re not ready for capital. In all these cases YOU NEED HELP. Money isn’t going to solve your problems with traction, selling is. Money isn’t going to make your business successful, but you can with hard work and a whole lot of hustle. …

This article has been moved and will continue to be updated at my new authority and content marketing team’s website:

So you want to found a startup? The next big thing… A unicorn. Don’t. Just start a company, a small one. Maybe find a partner or two to join you. No more than that, you won’t be able to support yourselves. Thinking of raising money? Ask your rich uncle for $20,000. When he asks “what does that buy you?” answer: enough time to find our first few clients.

Find your clients. Tap that network you’ve boasted so much about…

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